Falbygdens Osteria

It all started in 1878 when Johan August Johansson founded a small farm dairy in the vicinity of Falköping.

At the end of the 1920s his grandson Folke Andersson took over the business and relocated to Karleby, still in the vicinity of Falköping. There followed a period during which countless kilos of plain Swedish cheese, butter and Swedish cheesecake were sold at the markets in Tidaholm and Jönköping.

One day Folke decided to try adding real Whisky to Cheddar cheese and the result was a veritable success. Folke was a pioneer in the refinement of cheese, and the same method is still being used for adding Whisky, Port and Schnapps to our cheeses.

The end of the Second World War saw the expansion of Falbygdens Ost and by the mid 60s there were 25 cheese shops all over Sweden. The first section of the cheese storage facilities was then built in Falköping, which is where Falbygdens Ost still is today